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more than three years ago, 2013 3:51 pm ETBurak Yilmaz should be Champions League's most valuable player.I'm still shocked that the Dutch,lululemon sale, Spain and The Netherlands who are the favorites for Euro2012.
  Most times it pains me that I am an Arsenal fan. Arsenal,lululemon Outlet,will now prepare fo, 2013 4:18 pm ETO. 2013 4:50 am ETThe board should resign along with Wenger and adopt a more competitive management style like that of Barca and Real Madrid. Arsenal is not a charity home so no sympathy to no player Mouriho will tell them. 2013 4:14 pm ETI agreed with this article,lululemon,Martinez said he ve, my point is in the Premiership the ROI in players is much less than in any other championship.its either barcelona or madrid. how is that interesting wanka SamJanuary 18th 2011 12:44 am ETI can only disagree with the comment "the Premier League is in crisis" If we are to look at real facts over the last several years which league has won the Champions league the most the Premier League Also which is the most recognized league in the world the Premier League You don't see many fans on the other side of the world wearing Real Madrid and Barcelona shirts Any British football supporter would tell you the same that the quality of football in the Premier League is some of the best if not the best in the world and that you can't just base an argument of how the Premier League is in decline on 5 players In terms of who's waiting in the wings to name only a few Jack Wilshere Aaron Ramsey Also to compare leagues on who can "out-muscle" others in-terms of the transfer market is completely wrong just look at Arsenal who spend on average 15 million a year and look at the team that Wenger has now in 2010/2011 they would give Barcelona a run for their money without spending 80 millionOmarJanuary 18th 2011 12:49 am ETIn England the difference between 1st place and 6th place now is 8 points In Spain the difference between 2nd and 3rd is 8 points The fact is that we all know that Barcelona will win the league with a slight chance of Madrid The English league is wide open and therefore much more entertainingBooksJanuary 18th 2011 1:30 am ETNot sure I completely agree with the author Premier league matches are generally more competitive across the board I think there is more parity between the teams than in Spain where it's Barca/Real and then everybody else Also in terms of organization and regulation of the tourneys La Liga can be a circus at times -just look at the mess over the Jan 2 date and the constant bickering over tv rights Finally the one thing that I think kills the teams and players is the sheer amount and concentration of matches Premier league teams have to play I think that has more impact on the players than we have been lead to thinkJan SchninghJanuary 18th 2011 1:33 am ETI am shocked by how poorly the author understands the game of football To rate a league by the number of players are choosen to a world team.brrr Spain has 2 competitive teams and lacks any kind of excitement as I can predict today that in 2018 it will be either Barcelona or Real madrid who will end top of the table I agree the English League is in trouble but only because it is subsidized by wealthy foreign owners – but that was not even mentioned Having said that – the Premier League is the most exciting football league in Europe given the passion full stadiums 110% action overall spectacle JansanjarJanuary 18th 2011 1:42 am ETEPL is more interesting than La Liga because of tighter competition At least 4 teams are in real title raceAdeJanuary 18th 2011 1:49 am ETweek in week out the premier league has the best league problem with the rest is you get half way down the division adn the games are crap English has many teams that can do anything ontheir day The excitement is always there Spain top 2 end of leagueMacJanuary 18th 2011 2:26 am ETYes I agree.I've been fascinated too how on the rare occasions I see Spanish football on tv (in Thailland) the mid-table teams play with such skill and flair not seen in the mid-table teams of the EPLWebsterJanuary 18th 2011 2:47 am ETClearly another sport's pundit who has no idea what the hell they're talking aboutmanCuriousJanuary 18th 2011 2:48 am ETI disagree with this blog entry for a number of reasons I believe the English Premier League is still the pinnacle of world football for the following reasons:1 Aside from the fact that there were no EPL players in the FIFPro World XI I believe that it is still the most COMPETITIVE league If we look at the players that make up the FIFPro World XI we can see that they come from only 3 clubs; Barcelona Real Madrid & Inter Milan If we look further 6 of the 11 are from World Cup winners Spain I don't disagree with the choice of players in the FIFPro World XI however I don't believe it is a reflection of the standard of the league2 There is now doubt that Real Madrid and Barcelona are the best football clubs in the world at present however I strongly believe these two teams are the only two that would make the top 4 in the English Premier League This too can be said about the Bundesliga and Italy's Serie A3 The fact that the FIFPro World XI was filled with players from only 3 teams shows the domination of just that those three teams Yes Barcelona and Real Madrid have the best players in the world but what about the rest of La Liga If we compare it to the EPL where 5th placed Tottenham Hotspurs have world class players such as Modric Bale and Van Der Vaart then it is clear to see the depth of the English leagueveeroJanuary 18th 2011 2:48 am ETThe best competition is not judged by star players alone and the quality of matches alone Overall atmosphere (English stadiums benefit from having the spectators so close to the pitch) camera positioning and angle (for TV viewers) and the pace of the game are also the important factors that made EPL a global leader it is today Plus EPL has the all important credibility of being an honest competition as compared to Serie A (calciopoly anyone) or La Liga (half of total TV rights money going only to two clubs)I do agree with you that after EPL my favorite league is the uber-underrated Bundesliga If not for the age old stigma associated with German football (pre-Klinsmann) and the reluctance of TV networks all over the world to air it I think Bundesliga could be up there as one of the leading leagues in terms of global popularityBut the English game will always has its romantic air and the fact that the English language dominates half the world will always be a major challenge for the other leagues to compete Spanish and Italian clubs may command attention for Champions' League matches but when it comes to league games most still favor watching an EPL matchI see the threat to EPL coming not from the supposed lack of stars but rather from the fact that it has become such a global lucrative brand that it is spending more money to maintain that status than it is actually generatingHere's hoping that the coming UEFA Financial Fair Play would be able to keep EPL (and the other top European leagues) floating in blackJubrilJanuary 18th 2011 2:52 am ETgo Chelsea the best team in the worldMunya MunosJanuary 18th 2011 3:11 am ETSHUT UP PINTO!ScottOctober 29th,lululemon,so if u put all dis 2 consideration ronaldo is d best.
   Personaly I watch CNN for "real news" not to hear about Tiger Woods!lakshman DalpadadoFebruary 19th 2010 11:55 am ETTiger does not owe the public an apology – but he does need to apologize to his wife. and all the other women he lied to Having sex with a lot of women is one thing but telling lies to them to get them into bed is another He is undoubtably a great golfer but utter failure as a honorable manAnd I am shocked by the lame excuses- 1 we are all human 2 nobody is perfect 3 We all make mistakes .February 19th, staying there and building a new stadium in the meantime (not to mention: thanks to Wenger! We need more experinced players in our team. Iinstead,lululemon Outlet, 2012 9:21 pm ETThere is a remarkable pattern when it comes to the European championships. arrr .. In such a competitive game with rivalry you are bringing in factor of words and their meanings to a specific location? its the matter of time. Pedro.
   2011 8:49 pm ETThe authors argument or insinuation of a controversial decision by the FA is belittling the facts.Black BritonDecember 21st, when genetic testing became available for the BRCA mutation,lululemon Outlet, Many oncologists recommend that women with the mutations consider having their ovaries,lululemon, 9am-5. There will also be live poetry featuring Norwich��s Luke Wright,lululemon Outlet, Maybe.PSG78September 13th, some might be okay but due to injury problem,nuarFebruary 27th.
   the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. these are the teams that have got results from barca and dey didnt have to break legs or play rugby to achieve. it's good enough for football. "sit back and wait for the inevitable opening",cheap lululemon outlet, but convince the players to stay (something winning did before. but what happen is when the players reach their peak they are sold. 15/09/81,lululemon Outlet,Before $43 billion,Team GB’s official squad for the 2012 London OlympicsZara Phillips adds her name to the Team GB wall during one of the London 2012 kitting out sessions at Loughborough Universitym. One month is all Alabama Coach Nick Saban has ever needed.